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The Shard, Protohistoric Thames, wooden London Bridge (2019)

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The Shard, Protohistoric Thames, wooden London Bridge (2019)
This is a fine art print on archive paper in size 40 x 50 cm.
Includes UK shipping. EU shipping £10. World wide express: on request.

Meandering through malarious marshland, swelling and draining twice in a natural day, the Ancient Thames lowers itself majestically towards the ever-widening mouth of the sea.

As complex moon-rhythms play, it overspills inexistent boundaries between tussocky and hump-backed Battersea, Chelsea and Bermondsey. Flowing languidly past the swampy islands of Southwark, giddy with groundwater, still tasting of icy climes.

Spitting out the grit of ancient, frozen wastelands on its oozy banks. Wending its way through a ritual, liminal no-mans-land, ripe for the plucking by those Bully-Boy Romans, who conquered, reigned and fell.

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